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Sûnnet Beskerming Speaking and Course Schedule

Sûnnet Beskerming offers a range of methods to share the company's accumulated knowledge and experience with the wider community and corporate world. In addition to making key personnel available for speaking engagements, event keynotes, corporate briefing, and other speaking events, Sûnnet Beskerming offers a range of practical Information Security courses. A number of these training courses are offered exclusively through Sûnnet Beskerming in the Australian market as a result of key partnership arrangements. Select an engagement / course from the list below to find out more, or contact our booking staff to secure a time for a course or presentation.

November 2005
Wednesday 9thADNUG - What You Don't Know Can Hurt You (I)
Monday 21stMicrosoft Australia - VS 2005 Prelaunch Party Keynote
February 2006
Monday 27thMicrosoft Australia - National Security Roadshow
May 2006
Monday 29th - Friday June 9thHands on Hacking - Brisbane and Gold Coast
June 2006
Monday 12th - Friday 23rdHands on Hacking - Sydney
Monday 26th - Friday 30thHands on Hacking - Canberra
July 2006
Monday 3rd - Friday 14thHands on Hacking - Melbourne
Monday 17th - Friday 21stHands on Hacking - Adelaide
Monday 24th - Friday 28thHands on Hacking - Perth
August 2006
Tuesday 1st - Thursday 3rdISACA International Conference (Adelaide)

Training Courses

Hands on Hacking
South Australian-based Information Security experts, Sûnnet Beskerming Pty. Ltd., are pleased to be the Australian partner of European Information Security experts, Zone-h. Courses of their popular 'Hands on Hacking' package are currently on offer from the end of May, through to the end of July 2006. Designed to fill the gap between the AUSCERT conference in May, and the ISACA International conference in August, the courses will provide an incredible training opportunity for any attendee.

This marks the first time that this course will be offered in Australia, so act quickly to be one of the very first to receive training.

Pricing is set at $2,200 AUD (incl. GST) for the two day hands on course, with a 25% discount if paid in full by 30 March. In order to provide you with the most value for money, each course is strictly limited to 15 students, with two instructors for each course. Not only will you receive excellent training, you will also be supplied lunch and tea and coffee over both days, walk away with copies of all the course materials, and have the chance to win a 60GB iPod (1 for each 2 day course).

As the fees can be expensive for some people, Sûnnet Beskerming are offering an incentive program where attendees who can coordinate a course of 15 people will get $2,000 cash. This means that if you can arrange for 30 people (2 courses) to attend and be paid in full, then you get $4,000 cash. If you also attend the course and win the iPod, you walk away with 2 days of full training, lunches on both days, a 60GB iPod, and $4,000 cash - not bad for convincing the boss to send your section out for some intensive training.

If you get in early enough, Sûnnet Beskerming will book out entire courses for just one company / law enforcement office / government agency / user group, so move quickly to ensure you get the best opportunity for training.

Accepted payment methods are cash, cheque, direct deposit (preferred) or money order. Credit card payments can be processed through PayPal, but will attract an additional fee (if you don't understand why we refuse to get a merchant account, you should come along to Hands on Hacking and find out). Other payment terms and methods can be arranged by discussing them with us.

To book a position on a course, or to fill it for company training, please send an email to our training staff with your name, contact details, and preferred method of payment. Detailed payment plans will be provided via return email. If you want more information, a course brochure is available here.

Speaking Engagements

What You Don't Know Can Hurt You
The 'What You Don't Know Can Hurt You' series is an introduction to various aspects of Information Security, and how not knowing that a threat exists can lead to serious issues later on. A cursory glance through the weekly column archives will quickly turn up a range of situations where this has been the case. If you want to be better informed about Information Security, but don't know where to start, then this is the perfect introduction.

Microsoft Australia
Sûnnet Beskerming researchers have provided a number of briefings and presentations for Microsoft events and personnel in recent months. With Sûnnet Beskerming regarded by Microsoft as 'Security Experts', the presentations that were developed for each event were well received and it is likely that Sûnnet Beskerming will provide third party presentations and briefings at future Microsoft events. If you would like to see Sûnnet Beskerming present at your local Microsoft or affiliated event, please let them know, Sûnnet Beskerming is pleased to share the accumulated knowledge and experience.

The Adelaide chapter of the Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA) will be hosting the annual International conference from the end of July to the start of August 2006. Sûnnet Beskerming researchers have submitted two papers for presentation at the prestigious conference. More details will be made available regarding this event once confirmation has been received of the presentation timings. The official site for the conference can be found here.

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