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Sûnnet Beskerming Pty. Ltd. is committed to client confidentiality and secrecy. We are happy when our clients are happy, but we do not share information about our clients. This means that there will not be any testimonials posted, not even anonymous testimonials.

We consider it a breach of our ethical standards to share client information, and pride ourselves on developing and maintaining strong trust levels with our clients.

Though we do not supply testimonials, quite a number of our clients enthuse quite happily about the services and products that they have recieved from us. Indeed, before they approached us for services, they were not aware that it was possible to deliver the results that they really wanted, in a reasonable timeframe.

Development Services

Sûnnet Beskerming's development services, described on this page, can be tailored to deliver a range of solutions to clients.

Web Application and related services form the most significant segment of our development services called upon by clients. Development costs are dependent upon the size, scope and implementation of the client's desired project. Sûnnet Beskerming offers hourly rates for development, or estimated total project cost, to allow for clients who have different payment or affordability capacities.

Cost for Web Application development will also vary based on the target host platform and server technologies. Inclusion of hardware and other consultancy services will also help to reduce overall costs for clients. The size of the development team required will also have an impact on the overall cost / time ratio.

Standalone application development is a more specialised environment, and attracts a higher cost for the development cycle. The drawback for a standalone application is that it restricts clients to a specific Operating System or platform. Sûnnet Beskerming developers have found that the best solution for most client requirements is to move to a web services implementation for their needs.

Please contact one of our consultants to discuss your software development requirements.

General IT Consulting

Besides the development and security related services, most of the services available from Sûnnet Beskerming can be classed as general Information Technology consulting. Almost all of the available Sûnnet Beskerming services and products can be partnered with others to be managed through general Information Technology consulting.

Other, more generalised, consulting services are also offered under this umbrella, allowing you to maximise the return from your investment with us.

Security Consulting

As described elsewhere on this site, Sûnnet Beskerming offers security related consulting and services to assist you with securing your systems and networks. These services can be applied at any stage of the Information Technology asset lifecycle, although they are best utilised in the early stages.

Please contact one of our consultants to discuss your security consulting requirements.

System and Application Auditing

As described elsewhere on this site, Sûnnet Beskerming offers auditing for systems, data and applications to provide regulatory compliance. In addition to auditing of completed systems, data stores and applications, Sûnnet Beskerming can assist in the conduct of code audits, including sanitisation of comments and other internal guidance prior to release / licence of applications or source code.

Please contact one of our consultants to discuss your auditing requirements.

Remote Information Technology Department

In specific cases, such as where we have been involved with the complete design and establishment of your Information Technology systems and networks, Sûnnet Beskerming is able to offer the services of a full remote Information Technology Department. This is especially useful for companies where it may not be affordable to maintain permanent onsite staff to manage Information Technology assets.

Through efficient system setup and management, the majority of services are capable of being managed remotely. Site visits will be jointly managed when they are required for services that can not be carried out remotely. All remote services are carried out by highly disciplined and trained personnel who treat all information related to your company with the strictest of confidence. With the most common implementation of the remote Information Technology Department, there is a minimum of your company's data which is exposed beyond the perimeter of your own network.

Please contact one of our consultants to discuss your remote Information Technology Department requirements.

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