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Welcome! is the entry portal for Skiifwrald Online Retail, Sûnnet Beskerming Pty. Ltd. Software Development and Security Consultancy, and Jongsma & Jongsma Pty. Ltd. Research and Development, a related family of companies.

Sûnnet Beskerming's area of the site has recently undergone significant redevelopment to better present the services and products that they offer. Although most of their services are positioned for businesses, Sûnnet Beskerming does offer a limited range of their solutions for consumers, in particular their security and news alert service has a variant available for consumers. For more information on this development, please refer to the Introductory Paragraphs on the Weekly Free Column page.

Clients who have a need for custom designed software, security research, general consultancy, research and development, or who are interested in the suite of applications being developed using the Esperanto Security Software Suite, should check out the offerings from Sûnnet Beskerming Pty. Ltd., or contact a consultant to discuss potential services.

Latest News

Many Items and a New Look

03 Apr 06

A new approach to posting news and relevant content has been taken, which provides a more useful solution for readers. Also, amongst the news, what potential impact on technology does Iran's recent missile test have?

A New Week of Content

10 Apr 06

Many items from the last several days of content have been updated, including several stories on the NSA gaining access to Internet traffic and alerts for admins.


Sûnnet Beskerming Pty. Ltd. is a software development and security consultancy company, designed to exploit the discoveries from Jongsma & Jongsma Pty. Ltd..


Ongoing research into security, web applications, and other exciting areas is being undertaken by Jongsma & Jongsma Pty. Ltd., a private research company.

Exclusive licencing of Jongsma & Jongsma Pty. Ltd. discoveries is granted to Sûnnet Beskerming for development into commercial applications.


The Esperanto Security Software Suite was the first breakthrough by Jongsma & Jongsma Pty. Ltd., which has become the basis for a number of applications from Sûnnet Beskerming.

The Esperanto Suite is a generation ahead of current online security implementations, and represents a revolutionary change to online security for users.


Specialising in the retail of console gaming titles and equipment, and PC and Apple Macintosh hardware and software, Skiifwrald retails to Australian consumers.

The Skiifwrald Retail site remains frozen for the immediate future.